Who Can Get a Florida Fishing License?

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Who Can Get a Florida Fishing License?


Karl has his Florida Fishing License—
how ’bout you?

The Goal of the
Florida Fishing License Campaign
Help us reach 1.8 Licensed anglers and help Florida prosper

   The Goal of the Florida Fishing License Campaign. 1.8 million licensed Florida anglers.

Getting your own license is easy!

There are four easy ways to get your own Florida Fishing License. 1. Simply click the angler’s photo above and you’ll be taken to the application page. 2. Visit any of more than 800 tackle and marine stores in Florida. 3. Stop by your County Tax Collector’s Office. 4. Call us at 888-347-4356 and press “4” when prompted. Simple! Get your license today and start fishing tomorrow!

4 easy ways to get your own Florida fishing license. You can get your license at more than 800 tackle and marine stores in Florida or at your County Tax Collector's Office.

The revenue collected is used to create future fishing and boating opportunities. Each state’s share is based 60% on its number of licensed anglers and 40% on its land and water area. Florida receives approximately $13 million annually. The money supports freshwater and saltwater resources, and projects to improve boating opportunities.
Invest in Florida! The $17 fee for a fishing license is really an investment that keeps fishing alive and well in Florida. The fee goes directly to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), which is required by law to use those license dollars strictly for fishing programs. The license is a great way for everyone, even those folks who do not fish, to invest in Florida’s future. It is inexpensive, easy to do, and makes you a valued partner in one of the most effective and challenging fish and wildlife conservation efforts in the country.

FWC staff coordinates and tracks the progress of artificial reef
projects conducted by coastal governments and qualified non-profit Fishing clinics for children and women, offered statewide, are designed to inform participants about the marine environment.organizations. FWC oversees Sport Fish Restoration-funded projects to improve boating access to marine areas. FWC uses the funds to improve public marina sites and create new boat ramps.



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