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Avid Fisherman
I am an avid fisherman and in about 2 months I will turn 70.
In March of 2012, I purchased a 5 year Florida Saltwater Fishing License because I support the FWC and their work.
I don’t know if you can use me as 1 of the 200,000 but I thought you should know that I back your efforts.
Great work, keep it up!
—Paul Kelmer, Brandon, Florida

Lifetime Fisherman
Peter MillerI know how important having a fishing license is, that is why I have the Florida Lifetime Fishing License.
—Peter Miller, host of Bass2Billfish TV show and professional angler

Legendary and Licensed
Jimmy HoustonTake it from me, after decades of fishing all over Florida, catching fish and not catching fish, I know the value of having a fishing license. Get one if you love fishing in Florida.
—Jimmy Houston, professional angler and one of the “Three Legends”

Danny Vinson and Todd Kersey

Preserve Our Natural Resources
Buy a fishing license and preserve our natural resources and our possibilities to catch big bass for generations to come.
—Danny Vinson, Bass Pro Shop, Dania, Florida

Make Fishing Better
By purchasing a fishing license,  you will help make fishing better and ensure that you kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy our great sport.
—Tom Campeau, FWC director of freshwater fisheries

Not a Less Expensive Way
Tom CampeauThere’s not a less expensive way to create a greater positive impact, than by getting a Florida fishing license.  The birds, the gators, the fish will thank you, and so will I … buy a license today, for us all!
—Todd Kersey, The Florida Fishing Network

For the Future
Rick MurphyIt is simple. Buying a Florida fishing license is the best way to give back to the fishing resource we all share and enjoy. It also makes sure our kids will have the same opportunities.”
—Capt. Rick Murphy, host of Sportsman’s Adventure, Chevy Florida’s Insider Fishing Report

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Jeff MacharyasI’m new to fishing, but since I now live on Fort Pierce Beach, I got my first-ever fishing license when I renewed my car tags a few days ago. I even spent a little more to get the card. I’m glad I have a chance to help conservation efforts. Living so close to the inlet and beach I can really see just how important it is to preserve what we have.
—Jeff Macharyas, First fishing license, Fort Pierce, Florida

Your $17 investment today helps achieve goals tomorrow.

You don’t even have to fish to benefit from purchasing a Florida fishing license. The revenue collected from fishing licenses is used to improve and enhance fishing and boating opportunities throughout the state in salt and fresh waters. Things like public marinas, boat ramps, fishing clinics, and artificial reefs are the types of programs funded with your fishing license dollars.

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